Character plays one animation

I am a new user in unreal engine 4 and I ran on this problem where my character won’t do both walking and running animation on movement. If I press the forward button, it plays only the running animation on both speeds. I’m using version 4.18.3 so I don’t know if it’s a bug or I am such a new user that I don’t know how to make that blueprint system. Instead of using blendspace, is it possible to just use the walking and running animation into individual state machines? I actually tried that and happened the same, I want the walking animation to play at a certain speed and the same with the running animation. How can I do that?

Seems like I couldn’t think harder that time. I just had to tell the ACTUAL walk speed from the character to the blendspace speed. Now everything is working fine. Time to move onto the jumping, crouching and sneaking