Character plays animation after ragdoll death or goes through floor


I have an enemy character that often upon death continues to play his animation even while I have blend poses by bool in my anim graph taking the IsDead bool to play a pose. Also sometimes the character goes partially under the floor. I tried to recreate [this code][2] with bp scripting but it does not help much.I have checked similar posts but I didn’t get anything particularly useful. Any help?

I think it is because you have set the collision of capsule to be ignored after dying

Hi thank’s for the answer. I tried to remove that but it still happens. I basically did that so I can kick the mesh around more nicely

I did it I think.
So far I have tested it more than a dozen times and it seems fine. I think do once and a branch before my hit reaction event (which is basically the physics generated animation from the content samples) did the trick. I also have CCD enabled as someone had suggested in a similar post with a similar problem.

It turns out my problem wasn’t solved could anyone help me?

Forgot to update:I added an additional isDead check in event hit reaction after resetting the physics and now I get a proper rag-doll death.

I’m having a similar issue. I think it’s an issue in my code but it might not be.

My issue is that if a player is killed WHILE they are experiencing a physics hit reaction, then they die in their idle pose. I know it’s caused that way, but I can’t tell why. When the player dies I set simulate physics on the mesh. For some reason that’s causing weirdness in combination with a physics blended hit reaction…strange.

I’m curious if you ever solved this because it sounds like we might have similar issues.

Interesting my fix was simply adding a “Dead” state in my Animation States, then connecting the Anim Variable with the Character Variable via the Anim BP and adding that variable Set in the Character BP right before set physics is called.