[Character Physics] Oscillating Ball Issue

Hi everybody!

A couple of years ago I was active on these forums and working on a project that I unfortunately had to abandon.
I’m back to try again, so hello again! I’m looking forward to be a part of this community again.

For now I want to be short and quick about this problem, the details of this project will be explained is another topic at another time.
In short, I am creating a character that is a simple rolling ball, the physics are handled by the CapsuleComponend and not by the mesh.
The camera does not influence the rotator of the ball, a force is applied from the direction of the spring arm to make the ball roll.

When I get the RightVector from the spring arm and use that to apply a force in the left/right direction everything works as intended.
The problem arises when I use the ForwardVector to apply a force in the forward/backwards direction, the ball spins out of control above a certain speed.
The ball starts rolling but anything above crawling speed and the rotation values spin out of control as indicated by the screenshots.

I have tried all physics settings to try and eradicate this problem, but I have no idea what is causing it.
The weird thing is that left/right works just fine, and there is no difference in my input methods.

Please have a look at the attached screenshots to see my flowgraphs and relevant settings.

Thanks in advance!