Character physics asset problem, due to pivot (?)

Our team is working on an arena FPS game, but we’ve encountered an incredibly annoying problem

I can’t get my character set up properly in order to simulate ragdoll physics. All is fine (head, pelvis and torso) until I start adding the arms and legs, I then get buggy results. The arms and legs extrude erroneously all over the place.

I highly suspect this has something to do with the pivot/rotation of my character model. My issue is that I has no idea of what pivot type the UE4 preferred so I went ahead creating a pelvis based pivot point for my char instead of a root at his feet, as seen in the example model in UE4. I’ve attached the FBX file of my character so anyone willing can take a look.

I’m looking for in depth instrutions regarding the correct (reccomended) setting up of a character skeleton/bones in 3DsMax for use in UE4. Remaking the skeleton from scratch would also imply remaking all the animations for the character. Any help would me much appreciated.

Here’s the character model [problem solved]

Sorry for bumping this, but we really need a fix for this to continue game development. It’s aggravating to have to tailor you character skeletons in a certain way especially for UE4.

oh the joys of PHaT :slight_smile: , i can’t promise this will work as i haven’t done it for a while, 1st good idea to have a root bone at 0,0,0 (example all epic characters) then on import don’t create a physics asset, once the mesh is imported/saved create a PA, set bone length to 20+ (so you don’t get any fingers), in PHaT delete all boxes/spheres and start a new with the pelvis, then follow the rig, you might find the old udk tutorials help full as the work flow is very similar

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that out and report back with results.

Still no luck. Kind of frustrating.
Here’s the modified version of my character (with the root bone set at 0, 0, 0).
[problem solved]

ok its late here i’ll have a look tomorrow evening

That would be great. We are at a standstill because of this issue. :frowning:

ok i’ve had a look and tried to create a useful PA, i get the same issue if i add a body to the following bones (L_upperarm, R_upperarm, L_calf, R_calf) no idea why maybe an issue with the rig , try using the demo rig from the animation starter pack or the herotpp

Thank you for trying. We need to find out exactly what is causing the issue. I tried the herotpp and it works fine but that would mean re-rigging the whole character and remake all current animations. That would be a pain.

Looks like a scaled bones issue; if there are scaled bones (i.e. upscaled the rig on export) UE doesn’t know how to properly build a physics asset.

It’s a known issue, drives me nuts too as it brought me to a standstill at certain aspects of my game.

Good news is Epic has acknowledged this and making PhAT handle scaled bones is on their to-do pipeline, bad news is who knows when it’ll happen.

That’s great to know. Now I can actually get to tackling the problem. However, I do hope Epic addresses this issue soon.
I’ll try resetting all bones scale to 100.

Seems to work fine now! Thanks a million :slight_smile:

For other users encountering this issue I can confirm that it’s NOT due to the root bone but rather to bone scaling in your 3d application. To fix the issue simply select your bones and reset their scale values (default 100) from the pivot menu.

Wish I could! CAT Bones offer a wonderful toolset but scaling with them is a futile nightmare :frowning: Waiting on that fix, Epic!

Hi all, this is definitely in the pipeline as it’s very frustrating! 4.5 does have one minor improvement which is that the collision that is rendered will actually match the bone scale. PhAT will still have some issues with scaled bones, but at the very least the visualization should be correct which will make this a bit easier to work with.

I’m hoping to get better support for this soon, sorry for the pain!

In any case, as I mentioned: I’ve solved the problem by rescaling all the bones manually in max and then updating all assets accordingly. An obvious tip would be to always double-check your rigs for incorrect bone scaling **before **exporting to FBX to avoid future issues.