Character pawn - Spectator like motion and / or Descent / full flight style but with player hitbox

I am trying to tweak motion in my Feb 2016 #UE4JAM game POINT CLICK ILL: Sneeze your way to victory, the family friendly laser tag / “instagib” game

The Generic Shooter Template is what I am using as the starting point.

Currently the character pawn is set to fly and I has a jetpack which provides upward / downward motion with Space and Ctrl respectively.

This is not the actual motion I want, but it was the best I could do before deadline.

I would like two trial two additional movement methods:

  1. I want motion similar to how spectator works in a normal FPS, eg: Unreal Tournament, but still be able to use my weapons.
  2. I want motion similar to descent in that I can have full Flight dynamics motion - pitch, yaw and roll.
    2.1) WASD - Translation
    2.2) QE - Roll
    2.3) Mouse - Yaw and Pitch

So before I jump in and waste time, I’d like a bit of guidance on which way I should approach it or if someone else has already done something similar.

A) Derive from the Pawn class, instead of Character or Specator
B) Use spectator and add back a hitbox
C) Use Character Pawn and utilise the “Custom” motion section
C1) If I use the custom motion in Character Pawn, how do I actually access it?

I’ve posted this also on UE4 ANSWERHUB