Character pawn control and Physics

Today testing different parts of the project I’m making at jump over a mesh with physics use crouch/uncrouch at uncrouch the character capsule changes the size and my character and the mesh under got launched as a rocket to the space crossing walls and all.

After play with the MovementComponent for hours not found a clue of how fix this with the actor changes or pawn changes

Problems & Request:

  • The MovementComponent changes in physics don’t affect the capsule size change and the mesh under the player (result launch the player).
  • Enable the checkbox in the CharacterPawn->MovementComponent->"[X]Push Force Scaled to Mass" cause the objects go to Mars.
  • The pawn don’t walk in edges and that controls don’t work properly (The capsule down from the edge)
  • CharacterPawn->MovementComponent-> Crouch Maintains Base Location is disabled ? How to use that ?

Please I really want to player jump over the objects and crouch is my main problem I really need a fix for that.
Better physics are needed, please Epic Games.

Sample project:

Original reported here: Crouch physics problems and others - UE4 AnswerHub

This is a bit related to this:

I totally agree that the Character Physics need some fixes. I’ve had several problems with them and especially in cases where characters of different sizes collide. In the current state a tiny human can push away a giant :frowning:

Have you tried changing the mass settings on your cubes, make them heavier?

Also from what I remember the character fires off a physics impulse when it collides with physics objects to push them away. Not the best answer as in all honestly I havn’t really used the character pawn much on UE4 but maybe you can switch that impulse off somehow so you’re just pushing against the objects rather than basically giving them a big old boot everytime you collide with them. I’m sure on UDK you could switch that off as i remember that annoying me aswell.

I think it’s more your settings on the physics objects and character rather than the engine having rubbish physics :slight_smile:

At change the mass in the cubes even from more than 100 to 1000 or more the problem when crouch keep here, not tried the other one.