Character overlap

Hi all,

I am facing some weird behavior on my character. When the character is walking, if there is something blocking the way, the character adjusts its location to move, but it is not looking nice. When there is a table in front, the character just moves above the table. I do not want this to happen. I am not sure how to avoid it. If there is an AI character walking around my player character, the player character jumps off. I am not sure how to control this behavior. I guess there should be some settings that needs to be done in collision, but I lack knowledge. Can someone please guide me.

Thanks in advance.

This maybe:

Somewhat unlikely but who knows; how does your navmesh look like?

I checked both. The character can step up on is set to “No”. The NavMesh is not above the table. But the problem persists.

No one said it was. Could you show how the navmesh looks like around the table?

Hi please find below the NavMesh screenshot.


Hm, looks more than fine. Have you played with this:


The collision on the table is a box?

Hi, Thanks. I did check the Max Step Height. May be I will try to increase it.

I meant to decrease it.

No. The table has a simple and complex collisions applied, not a box collision. I tried applying a box collission also, but it didnt solve the problem.

How is the character moved? Simple Move to Actor / Location?

The character can be moved with player controller. It is the player character. But it is the case with the AI controller as well. I used “AI Move to”, with a target point in location.

Where can I find these character settings? I can’t find them on my layout