Character not spawning

‘play from here’ works, but character doesn’t show up, yet I can move it as if it were there.

There was an update before this occurred,but afaik it was for lancher not editor/engine. but I’m sure all was fine before that.

I 've checked details panel under ‘rendering’, and actor hidden during play isn’t checked.

What would cause this ?

No other errors.


did ur character has the right pawn settings in class defaults ?

maybe the collision has changed too check the capsule components, so it dont blurb through the ground ^^

Under the section you have shown, I have no ‘myplayercontroller’ in dropdown,just ‘playercontroler’,I chose that ( was set to Aicontroller), chose player 0 ( mine was disabled) and place in world, and I still see no character mesh, but moving fwd using cursor key up, and movement in world occurs ,something is there moving across scene, but no mesh shows up.

link text < there is image of what I see on ‘play from here’ , plus, as of latest update ( whatever was updated) there is this weird ‘green’ light which wasn’t there before.


Hi there,

did you check if the rendering settings on your character mesh are correct.


BTW, the image your linked from your OneDrive is not UE4 it’s amazons Lumberyard Engine.

Sorry I linked wrong image…fixed.

Yup it was set correctly as here:
link text

I also didn’t really noticed this till now,but if I point camera down toward ground , and use back arrow key ( not fwd), I go UP into the air,so clearly collision somehow is also turned off,I know I never did this.

Is this a possible known issue…I would never have knowingly unchecked collision :wink:


OK I managed to fix, though I’m still not sure what it was. I had added, or so I thought, the open world data, but somehow it was a dup of current level so when I realized something was terrible wrong, removed the open world and they both were deleted.

Of course I have many backups, so I created new project etc. , opened my level, and all is well again.

WEird but true.

ty all for trying to help!!