Character not rotating when setting Actor Transformation


I have been struggling for a few hours now. I have set up a custom game type where the camera is a part of the Character blueprint, so that it is always above the player and slightly at an angle. I have several actors that are spawned on game start. I want to be able to click the Actor and the character gets teleported to be in front of the actor and facing it. I can get it to move to the correct place but no matter what I try I cannot get my character to rotate based on the actor’s location.

I have a custom event in my gamemode BP that gets called from the actor BP that should update the Character location.

no matter what I try the character just doesn’t turn. Please help!

Could you please clear up that you want the actor to face the player or what?

Sorry, I want the character to face the Actor. The actors get spawned and can be facing any direction (as in have any angle in the Z component)

Thanks for clearing that up. Posting my answer!

You will have to use ‘Find Look At Rotation’ and input the players position and the target (current actor). Then you can use Set Actor Rotation or the current method you are using to set the rotation of your Current Actor.

Thank you!