Character not moving after disabling simulated physics

So I followed the basic idea of this tutorial Tutorial: How To Make a Cube Roll On A Grid in Unreal Engine 4 » cybereality to make a cube move on a grid, except that I put all the blueprints in the Pawn’s blueprints, and some major code tweaking (just to optimize nothing that changed the actual mechanics).

What I am trying to do now is to keep simulated physics enabled, and disable it while the pawn is moving (cube is flipping) but after one move the cube stops moving its position, it rotates correctly but doesn’t move location like it’s suppose to… so I tried to just disable simulated physics on begin play, (and removing the prior changes) and the same problem happened. What does simulated physics have to do with the “SetActorLocation” node?

I really need help with this I’ve been stuck for hours.