Character Not Facing the Right Direction

Details of my issue:

  1. Character not facing the right direction once input is stopped.
  2. I was following the First Game Tutorial that was out for UE5 and followed all the steps even done the same thing in Stack O Bot base Project and still faced same issue.

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maybe the rotaciĂłn rate?

Unfortunately, the part of the blueprint you show doesn’t have anything dealing with rotation.

I’m guessing the logic that handles the rotation towards the direction the character is moving is handled either in your character blueprint, or even in the animation blueprint; whichever it is, that’s what I would look at more closely, not your main controller blueprint.

My gut feeling is that when you’re zeroing out the movement, you’re probably also zero’ing out the rotation… but that’s just a wild guess without seeing the other blueprints.

Following up on the problem I was facing:
Steps to resolve this

  1. Goto the CharacterBP select the main BP component
  2. Search Rotation Yaw it’s Checked by default Uncheck it
  3. Compile Save and enjoy.

memo: “Wasted two days on this and now feel like an idiot”.


Yes as it turned out it was problem in Character blueprint I solved the problem and Forgot about the posts I made on different forums xD.

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Glad you figured it out!

THAT truly works! Thanks a lot!

Thanks very much for this. Gigantic relief!

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