Character not detected in my projectile's hit result

I have a bullet projectile that has an ‘Event Hit’. But for some reason. this event is only triggered when this projectile hits a body that is simulating physics. Furthermore, for some reason, I cannot simulate physics on the mesh of my enemy character because it falls down like slime.

How do I have the ‘Event Hit’ of the projectile return that it has hit a body that is not simulating physics?
How do I simulate physics on my enemy character without it falling down on the floor like slime?

I’d compare your projectile with the default first person projectile. It generates a hits without physics. Also take a look at this collision on your character mesh, try ‘block all’.

I haven’t had that much luck hit hit events but do you have your collision set to “generate hit result” on your actor? The collision capsule is the root of the character actor so I think that is the deciding factor when it comes to collisions.

Some people trigger the physics on the mesh when the character dies to get that rag doll effect.

If you take a look at the default projectile and default 3rd person character ( with collision set to block all on either the mesh or the capsule ), it works…

EDIT: I just checked, neither had ‘generate hit result’ checked.

Yes I do have Simulation Generates Hit Events to True.

The funny part is that the enemy character is the default third person template. I changed the mesh and remove unnecessary stuff.

I also tried to see if the first person template’s projectile can register hitting the third person template’s character. And the result was negative. The third person template’s character cannot be detected in the hit result of the first person template projectile.

Actually never mind. I had to tweak some settings but it worked in the end.

Hmmm, it can in my engine… :-/