Character not able to leave elevator beyond certain heights

I tried making an elevator using the attached blueprint in the TopDown template and if I set Endpoint to 258 along the Z-axis I can move freely on the platform and jump off if I so please after reaching Endpoint, but setting Endpoint to 259 the character is frozen and cannot move at all after reaching Endpoint, I’m pretty new to UE4 so I don’t really know what to look for when I was searching through all kinds of settings.
NavMeshBounds is far bigger than the area which I move with the elevator :slight_smile:

I’ve been googling for the last hour or so but haven’t found anything that I can see is a fix for this issue, if more information is needed let me know and I’ll try to give it to you ^^

Its easy. You needs first to learn basics but then you can do it like this:
Place invisible walls around lift.
Lift height => 259? Set collision on inv. walls to block pawn.
Endpoint? Set walls to no collision.

If you want to freeze movement(i dont recommend, its unrealistic) then put trigger box onto lift.
If height extend your values, then get all actors overlapping this trigger and disable their movement. You can use bool variable for this in character bp in movement input.

From what I read in your reply you seem to think I want to block pawn from leaving the elevator, this is not the case, that would indeed be easy to attain.
If the elevator lifts <=258 I can move freely on the platform and jump off as intended but if the elevator lifts >=259 the character gets frozen on the platform.
I want to be able to move freely around on the platform and jump off if I so please no matter how high the elevator lifts (as long as the elevator stays withing NavMeshBounds of course)

oh sorry, i misunderstand.
Sooo, top down template character is driven by “move to” node which requires nav mesh bounds. So i think only problem might be that your elevator is out of this volume. (but as i see you are aware of this)
As first debug try to increase nav mesh. As second you may try in project settings set something like “dynamically calculate nav mesh” checkbox to true, which afaik calculate nav mesh if terrain was changed in runtime.
if nothing helps, ill try to recreate this when ill be at home and post you report.

Searching for “dynamically calculate nav mesh” in project settings I noticed “vertical deviation from ground compensation” and increasing that seems to have worked, thanks man! :slight_smile: