Character movement stops updating on client in network game

In dedicated or listen server with 2 clients, when i move far away in client1 from the other character client2 almost until charcetr become to be a dot on screen (but i still in world bounds) then if i go back to client2 position then this client2 does not see client1 character, client2 still see a dot on screen, but if client 2 fires in this hidden character position, then projectile collides and explodes - so this tells that server has right character position.
Characters has physics flying and uses regular character movement components.
Also, if i add widget component to character then when issue happens client 2 see that only widget component moves, but character mesh is still in that far position.

is this a bug? or what settings can fix this issue?


I have been unable to reproduce this issue on our end.

Could you please provide the full repro steps that we can follow to reproduce this issue in a clean project?


I am marking this topic as resolved, as we have currently been unable to reproduce the issue on our end. If you are able to determine a repro case, please provide it and we can continue to look into this issue. If you are looking for assistance with development, feel free to post a question in another section, or on the forums, and the community can provide assistance. We do not guarantee support for development questions.

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bAlwaysRelevant = true; for character is solution, by default it is false for characters