Character Movement Speed is affected when mouse is looking up or down

Hello, Ran into what I think may be a bug, due to this not happening to me in any other project I have worked on, But when I am moving around my character seems to run just fine. Normal speed and animation. But when I start to look down or up, my character slows down. And by the time I am looking all the way down or up my character is not moving, or moving at a very slow speed.

I am hoping this is an easy fix, Like all the other problems I run into :), But this is really annoying because the heart of my project is third person.

I am using the Military Rifle Mo Cap Pack 1, by Motion Capture Online.

Here is a video showing what I just explained, or tried to that is :stuck_out_tongue: : - YouTube

Any help will be appreciated, hoping I can get this resolved, Im sure it is a easy fix, i’m hoping lol.

For some reason it was a bug on my end. I remade the project but, found out the problem didnt arise. so IDK >.<

It isnt a bug, answer is here.