Character movement speed based on surface

Hi again,

I am looking to test out slowing down the player and ai movement when on certain surfaces. In this case it is pretty simple as it would be purely for landscape terrain, regardless of material on the landscape. All static mesh would have normal movement speeds but the landscape (be it sand or snow ect). I initially was looking at physical materials but after some tests this is just for simulating physics objects not navmesh/character movement. I could get the current walking surface every tick but perhaps there is a method i dont know about yet that modifies movement speeds?


Maybe this tutorial is handy for you. In order to filter it material wise, you can combine this system with your footstep system if you dont want to do a linetrace per tick to just get the surface type.

Footstep system

Seen here: Get surface type on terrain materials? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums