Character Movement set to "0" when stepping from a Blueprint onto another Actor


I found a weird issue that appears with a variety of actors. (Not all, but some, but I dont see a similarity between them and their settings/etc.)

As the Title already says, when “leaving” a Blueprint Actor (example: a jum pad, similar things on the ground) the character movement is 0.0.0 for 1 frame, causing the movement to stop, lagging visually.


I did some experiments if I could track down “whats causing the issue”, but without any decent result.

It does not seem to matter if I replace the Floor that is inside the actor with a Box collision, or when I put a normal floortile on top.

It gets even worse when you walk from one actor to another, you constantly get the sluggish movement.

Example: If moving from “bottom” of the image to “top”, you get this issue exactly once, when leaving the box collision. When moving from “side to side”, you get it every single time you leave a box collision.

Removing the actor and replacing it with a normal static mesh tile fixes the issue, but then I dont have my actor anymore… (Disabling all collisions also works, but is not a valid fix.)

This was not an issue (that I ever noticed) in UE4 over the last years - the character settings are default, except for movement speed. (and identical to the UE4 project that works without this issue.)



Set Braking Friction to 0.5 or so, for some reason the Default is 2.0 in UE5… (which makes the character very picky about actor transitions and tiny height changes it seems.)