Character movement replication acting weird. Character teleports back to starting position

My character movement replication is acting very weird. It was working before, but it’s acting like this out of no where and I don’t know why. Replication works fine as it should for the server, but clients act very bizzare. If I move with a client, the movement works on the clients end for a bit, not on the server end, but if I stop moving, the character will teleport back to where he started(where the server thinks the character is). I made a quick video to show this happening:
UE4 character movement replication issue - YouTube It is using 2 clients with the “Run Dedicated Server” option on.

Here is a screenshot of the player controller’s blueprint scripting:

Here is a screenshot of the character class’s blueprint scripting:

Here is a screenshot of the character class’s replication settings:

I don’t have any idea what’s causing this. It was working fine not that long ago. I recently switched the project to a source code build of the game, but I wouldn’t think that would cause the issue. I also made a new controller and character class with the same blueprint scripting to test the movement replication, and it works fine, which tells me the problem is somewhere in my blueprint scripting for my character class. I’m going to keep searching to find out what is causing it but hopefully someone might know what’s causing the issue here. If there is any other info I should include please let me know. Any help is appreciated.