Character Movement Problem

Hi, I am a newbie developer and I’m running into a problem with moving my character. I am using the Third Person TemplateWhenever I move in two directions at once (eg W,A or W,D) my character becomes glitchy and constantly shakes. I thought it was the way I had the animations setup, but i can easily recreate the problem in other projects with other animations, or without any animations at all.

I would have thought if it was a common problem there would already be a topic in forum on this, but i can’t seem to find any information on this. If it would be any help i can upload a video to show the problem, but i’m guessing this should be something easy to fix?


Here is a video showing the problem. It seems to happens with any direction other than forwards, not just when moving in two directions.

Any help/advice is appreciated, Thanks!

Solved! I had ‘use controller desired rotation’ and ‘orient rotation to movement’ checked