Character Movement Orientation

Hi. I’m trying to get a custom character to orientate in his direction of movement using the CharacterMovement component.
I’m using TP_Sidescroller_BP as a base for my own character and have copied the existing MyCharacter BP exactly, including “Orient Rotation to Movement”, but my chacter turns a small amount before jumping back to face the camera when he stops. There’s a slight jitter that looks like it’s having an argument with another option every update.
My chacter is just a basic box with a pelvis bone linked to a root bone. Nothing fancy, and it works if I swap out the mesh in the included BP with my own but I’d prefer to know what the problem is and build my own rather than using the included one.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. I know it’s something simple but I cant see any difference between my BP and the BP included in the scene.

Hi Hum,

Can you post a screen of your Blueprint so that we may take a look at what’s going on?

It’s strange that if you swap in your character for the one in the BP it works there but not on your own.


Hi Wes. Thanks for responding. Here’s a couple of screen caps of my BP and Components. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong as it’s working fine on the included BP. Is there an option that would be trying to constrain my characters rotation? That might explain the jitter I get from Orient Rotation to Movement

Hello again,

Try going to the Defaults Tab and search for Pawn. Is Use Controller Rotation Yaw checked? If so, un-check that and give that a shot.


No problem, happy to help!

That fixed it! It’s working as expected now.
Really appreciate Epics community support during this release. I’m still learning the Unreal way of doing the things I do in Unity so its a great help and asset to the community.