Character movement issues


Using thirdperson character/proeject - nothing custom at all.

I have a collision volume, where when the player collides, I hide the player from view.

When I press a key, the character reappears facing back the way it came from.

The issue is that right at the point of making the character disappear, I want to stop their forward movement.

So I disable input, set velocity to 0s

When I unhide the character, it is turned around as expected and even in the case of a jump, it lands back facing the camera.

But - 7 out of 10 times, the character then automatically starts running again. The character literally turns around (as if I have held down the W key) and runs back to the collision volume.

I have a print screen showing me the velocity, and it is showing all set to 0’s

If i nudge the player slowly to the side of the volume while it just repeats going back and forth, eventually it just keeps running by itself. I have to tap W a few times to get it to stop running.

I’m missing something here, or there is something broken in the character movement class.

Any help here would be really appreciated.

A fix, but not really a fix… just another dirty hack…

If you run into this issue, you will need to convert to a C++ project and create a new player controller. Inside of that, create a blueprint function that enables you to call FlushInputKeys - this is not exposed in the blueprint version of the thirdperson player controller.