Character Movement Issue (variable that holds the speed of our character is not set)

The editor works well on the project. However, the variable that holds the speed of our character after packaging is not set. Therefore, the character’s speed remains 0 and the character does not move. So I connected a speed variable to a button. When I press the button, the speed is set, I can move, but at the beginning of the game it needs to be set by itself. Normally the character’s features are fed through GameMode. Feeding through SaveGame in GameMode. Variables in Gamemode are not set. Other than that, when I changed several levels I found that the widgets were not set correctly. There are dozens of variables this way. How do I resolve these issues? Thanks in advance.

If you’re setting the variables at the start of a level, there is the possibility of certain classes having not been initialized yet. You can check if this is what’s causing the issue by adding a small delay at the start before setting all of your variables.