Character Movement is broken when on listen server

This is quite difficult to explain, but I’ll give it my best shot:

I’m trying to create a 2.5D multiplayer game. Each player controls a character (all the same BP character). The server spawns the characters when a client connects and the client possess’ the character. They are then able to move around doing the usual stuff like jumping and crouching and whatnot.

Now, this works quite well when playing solo, or when using a dedicated server. However, if I dont use a dedicated server, the server works fine but all other clients control badly. The left/right inputs axis is not very responsive and then the character “glides” on the floor as if it were made out of ice, moving even when there is no input.

Does anyone know what this might be? Is there any screenshots that might help you in helping me?

You said “the client possess’ the character”.

Only the server should possess characters. This gets replicated to the clients. There is a bug currently where you need to delay for a short time (0.1 second or more) between the spawn and possess calls (this may not be an issue for you).

We’re fixing it in a future release to be only callable on the server and to avoid the need for the delay. Hopefully this fixes things for you.

Ok thanks I did not know the possess had to be done on the server too, so I changed that.
That was not what was causing my issue, turns out I had some weird setting on my character movement which was causing the issues. I have no idea how it got there.

Out of curiosity what settings were causing issues?

It is the flag “Use RVO Avoidance” on the movement component, I had it set to true. I remembered that I set it because this pawn is also meant to be used as a bot, and its meant for AI navigation purposes. I will create a new pawn specifically for bots.