Character movement Help

Hello guys! so i’m working on my project and when i use the double jump i want to my character Glide Down like this Exsample

Can someone Explain me How to do that When my character enter in Fly mode?

Well, you could disable gravity, switch to Fly Mode and then add a force on the character’s Forward Vector for X seconds (amount of glide time). I havent tried it, but this is what I would do first and see if it works

Hope this helps!

i tried but nothing? can you show me please?
i’m fresh about Ue4 Blueprint

Anybody can explain me please?

there are several controls for movement while in air [IsInAir?]

you could set the gravity lower for a second or so

you also have air control but that sets how much movement the character has while in air

jump velocity but that basically is how high etc the char can jump

** play with these settings & I think you can come up with a glide scenario with little effort / testing that might suit you **

  • tweaking settings is half of the work anyways lol gl :wink:
  • set gravity lower -> delay node or timer -> set gravity back to 1 or whatever you are using -

Im not infront of the development machine, but will try to explain in words:

First, set gravity scale to 0 (no gravity)

Then Use node “Get actor rotation” from there drag and type “Get forward vector” , then drag and multiply by Float, then connect this to the Force on the “Add Force” node. Then create a new Float variable called “ImpulseAmount” and connect it to the vector * Float node earlier.

Basically, you want to multiply the Forward Vector to a Float and connect it to Add Force. Make sure the Float is a big number (start with 5000) and test from there.

I tried but the character keep going Like this:c4c3f0e766e17f016566379c5bcafc78fd174884.jpeg

Here is some pic about blue print feea4f0a9c0ddfa6ec0b50a09c809670ac0bb49c.jpeg

character movement 1b6d984816e82e49588a3351b98a28d559e5c069.jpeg8a5146b41216e6daab9bc764477217c082e0bf75.jpega324ae457d58b63c9ae6cf0029a34fdaba7d2403.jpeg

Makes sense that you have to undo all that logic when you want him to stop again no???

What I mean is add a delay after you start up all that flying bs, that delay will work as a duration, after that duration undo all the things you did to start it, like re enable walking mode and turn gravity back on again…no?

Follow the white rabbit down the hole, it runs deep!

I have done something wrong? xD

Yeah to me that kinda looks wrong I don’t see the gravity being re enabled for example…

For now i’m trying to glide down… maybe if you can explain me haw to do that i will say thank you xD
i will add the gravity being re enable right now i forgot that.

Nothing? you can help me?

Try setting the gravity while flying to .25 That way there is some gravity while the character is jumping.

i tried but i have the same problem … my character go only in this position ---->
so i don’t know how i can change the fly mode physic or something like this ;–;

i need this resultate like i nthis pictures

Did you make a level JUST with the character floating in the air, so you can test the rate of fall?
Sometimes, isolating the level can help with finding a solution.

Thanks for your response so i make a level just with the character Floating in the air and i got the same resultate.

What can be the problem? so i want to ask you i want to try something how i can use the mouse and control my character like this UNLIMITED FLIGHT in Spyro the Dragon!! (and how to do it) - YouTube

If you can jump forward now you could try a time line to curve the jump Z velocity. You could start out with say a “Jump Z Velocity” of 1000 and then curve the value so that the jumps Z velocity decreases air speed and time.

Thanks for your response!
I never used Time line in Blue print so can you show me how to do that?
Thank you so much.

For all people here…I hope i can help someone in future so… Now i can move my character when is in fly mode with Mouse Y