Character Movement Help

earlier today my project was working fine but all of a sudden im unable to use the S and A keys for character movement, they’re set up in the axis mapping with the correct -1 scale but for some reason they wont let me move changing them away from S or A, K for example does let me move backwards it just seems to be S and A that wont, any ideas?

Hey @ForTehGloray!

A few questions to get things started:

  • Do you use S and A for anything else? It sounds like you have conflicting keys if K still works.
  • Would you mind sharing your mappings if you have edited them recently?
  • When did this change happen, have you added anything new to your project?

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem!


S and A arent bound for anything else but they both do work outside of axis mappings

It happened randomly today while following a tutorial for adding a gun to the game

printing the axis value holding W prints 1 but holding S continues to print 0, changing it to something other then S will start to print -1

Hey @ForTehGloray!

Okay so your mappings do look normal. You mentioned a tutorial for adding a gun and it happened in the middle of doing that. Would you mind sharing that? The answer may be inside of that tutorial you just did.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!

Hey! sure,

this is the tutorial i followed: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Shooter - Guns Part 1 Setting Up - YouTube
i cant see much in the gun actor classes that would screw up movement in anyway but hopefully it can help find an answer


Hey @ForTehGloray,

While we are at it, would you also mind sharing your movement/controller blueprints? I also am not really finding anything that would affect just those two keys either. It is very odd that this is happening to only those two keys. It just seems like there must be something more happening here.

Also, could you check and see if those bindings still work on a fresh character controller?

If all else fails, if you have a backup, could you check and see if your key bindings are working if you revert?

Hopefully the above gets us closer to your solution.

Ended up restoring to a backup of the character and that fixed the issue

thanks for all your help