Character Movement example from docs, Is it supposed to walk like this?

heres the link of the Character Movement example from the docs

when i tested it out the character walks relative to the global axis not relative to the character/camera axis
basicly i press W, the character walks to the north side of the map regardless of what direction the camera is faceing
same for the the other directions if i press A to go left he walks to the west
D to the east
S to the south
(wasd control scheme)

i was wondering if someone could let me know if its supposed to be set up like this or if its supposed to walk forward towards the direction your facing the camera

Make sure under your character BP these are the settings for your boom arm.


yea those are checked the camera works fine when i move the mouse its the character movement that’s set up kinda weird … like lets say i press W so the character can walk forward, he walks forward now lets say i move the camera to face to the side while he still walking, the character wont walk in the direction the camera is facing he will continue walking in the same direction he was already walking only difference is he turns his body
should i post a video?

It would be helpful :slight_smile: , just so i can understand exactly the situation that is happening. And then the behavior you are looking for.


i was using the W and S key to make the character move forward and backward and just turning the camera by moving the mouse

is it supposed to work like this? thats all i was wondering cause i thought it was supposed to be more like the 3rd person example that comes with UE4

sorry if i confused you krushin :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh did you try recreating it?

It looks like you recreated the character (that comes with the example) and forgot one part (so close!). Be sure to have this portion in your character blueprint

If you are not sure look at the example character bp that it came with (Ue4ASP_Character).

Thanks KRushin that worked :slight_smile:

found a problem in the docs it has a picture exactly like the one you posted but with y pitch connected
on step 4 of the link i posted

i still have another glitch where the character gets stuck running to the right, when i run straight and let go of the controls. i know i probably mest up something i just have no idea where to look i was thinking of redoing the entire guide/tutorial again and maybe get it right but if you could help me out with that too, that would be awesome :slight_smile: