Character movement different speed with different fps

Hey so can someone help me out, I’ve just wrote a little program to tell me the amount of time it takes my character to reach a wall with from the start of the program with the same constant velocity applied but it is different with different fps:

~120fps - TimeToGetToEdge = 0.85 seconds
30fps - TimeToGetToEdge = 2.6 seconds

Please can someone help me out, I would really appreciate it

Hi, If you’re adding in velocity rather than setting a velocity (like accelerating), you might need to multiply it by world delta seconds.

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Im constantly setting though in Tick:
Velocity.X = MovementSpeedX
Do I still need to use Delta Time? Because I did try that but it still gave me different results…

its the way the engine works. almost anything runs on tick which is frame-dependant (each frame an impulse is sent and that is the execution of an instruction/piece of code

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if ur using the Tick DeltaSeconds the Time shouldnt be different

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