Character Movement Component's isFalling and Velocity not replicating in network clients

When I run the project in network simulation, the isFalling node is working from owning client and server, but the player in other clients are always seeing ifFalling returning false. I have done some investigation and it looks like velocity is also not updating.
The strange thing is, isCrouching is working on all windows as expected. So it looks like the Character Movement is replicating on the server but the Multicast is failing on just a subset of the functions. Has anyone seen this behavior or know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much.

Hey there @DigitalRider! Are you using a purely custom character that doesn’t derive from any of the bases? I spun up a quick third person template to test my theory that they were originally set up with clean replication and it does look like they all are off the bat. So may I see how your character is set up and replication settings on the actor itself? Also are the variables that are failing to replicate set up for replicate or repnotify? It sounds like custom vars may not be set up to replicate or if they may be hooked up a bit off.


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Thank you for your reply. The character I use derives from the character template. After some investigation. I have found the cause of my issue. Under Class Defaults->Root Motion Mode, if I set it as “Root Motion from Everything”, some of the nodes associated with Character Movement such as ifFalling, Velocity would not work correctly. I am not sure if this is a bug or specification at the moment. But changing the Root Motion Mode back to “Root Motion from Montages Only” seems to fix that issue.

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Oh wow, yes so Root Motion basically means you maintain whatever movement comes from your animations. So if you used a jump animation that actually moved you up and down it would do that instead.