Character Movement Component Rotation is jittery with Root Motion.

With regular animations the rotation of the Movement Component is always smooth, but as soon as i want to use it with root motion, the rotation become jittery.
Reducing the rotation rate doesnt help.
Does anyone has a solution for this problem?

Edit: I captures a small video, to illustrate the problem. Despite the fact, that the Animation itself ist just a walking-forward animation, without any rotation, the character is jittering around when its rotating towards the target-direction.

The movement component was not designed to work with root motion but with in-place. Root motion contains all of it’s movement data as curves with in the data set so for the most part you just need to feed it a trigger and off it goes. Need to change directions you need to trigger the direction changes.

Bullet point. Root motion is event driven where in-place is reactive so when in-place is used it becomes a puppet in a box where the capsule drives direction changes.

Add a raw root motion with out telling the BP to ignore the RM data the result on a walk is the capsule wants to turn the player model but the root motion data wants to keep moving forward so it jitters back and forth.

Short answer your in-place requirements is fighting with your root motion demands