Character movement component... change from Flying to Walking

My character walks and flies, a bit like a superhero… and I’m using the Character movement modes to implement her/him.

The On Landed event is ideal for me… but unfortunately will only fire when the character is in Falling movement mode (not when in Flying mode). So it’s possible to fly right into the ground and just… keep on flying. Nothing triggers the transition to walking mode.

I know there are a few different alternative ways to manually implement this… like with line traces and collisions and using Set Movement Mode… but is there a more elegant, native way using the Character Movement Component in BP or C++?

** bump ** anyone?

yeah, this is what I thought… but I had to check… thank you :slight_smile:

To my knowledge the CharacterMovementComponent does not automatically handle the transition from Flying to Walking when you collide with the terrain or other actors. This is something you will have to implement manually.

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