Character Movement Blueprints (Beginner)

Hey all,

I’m fairly new to creating content using UE4, so please bear with me here, I’m trying my hardest :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to be able to move my character without restriction forwards and backwards, but left and right using 90 degree turns and only a certain distance, let’s say, 250 units. Also, no movement mixing (can’t move forward and right (diagonally) at the same time). How am I able to do this using blueprints?

Below I’ve attached what I have so far. This enables the 90 degree turns left and right, but I do not know how to go 250 units when doing so AND disable multiple input moving (diagonals and such).

Thank you so much for the help, I love learning about this engine! :slight_smile:

You can use the Add Rotation or Set World Rotation Nodes to have your data affect your Character.'s rotation in the world. As for moving forward and backward a set distance; I’d suggest using a Lerp or Timeline node so you have some smooth transition data and use that to feed a Set Actor location node. If you want to make it clunky then you could also just use an Add Location Offset node to instantly teleport the Character to the new location. You’ll get the Character’s current location, store as a variable, and set the desired location (Character Location Variable + distance, might have to use the ‘Get Actor Forward Vector’ to find the forward direction). Good Luck marra