Character Movement Blueprint Issue

I am working from the Setting Up Character Movement In blueprints in the UE4 Documentation. Everything has went well so far until I hit this blueprint. In the attachment ending in BP I am trying to find the blue function box for Calculate Direction but cant find it anywhere. This green one has no exec connection and will not allow me to connect Cast to Character to it. In addition the Target Pressed Jump I found just fine but I cant find one for Crouch, Jog or Prone. I know something is missing or has been changed in an update somewhere because when I connect the Event Blueprint Update Animation exec to Cast to Character it goes into fault mode as shown by the red line. The second attachment ending in Blueprint is the one I am trying to model off of. This entire document tutorial has worked perfectly so far. Any ideas on what I may be missing.

Answer please, after 3 years you might be kind enough to reply to this common problem


I Have tested and there is one thing that is missed.

To have the Jump Pressed, Run Pressed, Jog Pressed nodes.
You have to create them in the Character BP where you setup your inputs. and on the left corner, Create a bool and rename to Jump Pressed, create two more for Jog Pressed and Run Pressed.

After doing so, Go back to this Blueprint and drag from the Blue dot of Cast to my character and search for Jog Pressed and so on, you should now have the nodes.

I also Get Extremely angry when people doesn’t help but waiting for three years is ridiculous.

As @EvilCleric already said in the other post (…s-unrealengine), your cast is incorrect. You should cast to your character BP and not to the general Character. Only then, you will have access to the variables you defined in your character’s BP.

This might solve it all:

I was able to do this after doing what BaronPain said:


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