Character movement animations on mobile Android

UE 4.14 Preview 3 on macOS.
Created new project based on 3rd person template.
Packaged android version.

Character moves but his animations doesn’t works (Character always still in T-pose)

Hi ,

  • Are you using the latest UE14.4 Preview?
  • Did you use a Desktop/Console or Mobile/Tablet preset?
  • Did the animations work when you tested in the Mobile Preview?

Please respond with this information and we will continue to investigate.



  1. Not UE14.4 Preview… ( Sorry for fix ) - It was UE 4.14 Preview 3 (latest)

  2. Mobile/Tablet preset

  3. Works. Do not work direct from apk on Android.


Please try the following:

  1. Run a Map Check on all levels (fix any issues)
  2. Check for errors in the Event Graph of the AnimBP & CharacterBP
  3. Right-click on Contents folder in the Content Browser and choose: Fix up redirectors in folder
  4. In your project folder: Delete the Intermediate and Saved folders
  5. In Packaging Settings: do full rebuild, don’t package in Chunks

Let me know if this does not resolve your issue.

Another way, more simple…

  1. I create absolutely NEW project in UE 4.14p3 right now - based on 3rd person template. Mobile/Tablet. Scalable 2d/3d. No starter content.
  2. Then build Android apk (ETC1).
  3. Install and run on android.

So i record VIDEO right now

And I recorded THIS VIDEO in Editor. Character is fine.

What specific Android device and software version are you deploying to?

Also, the official UE4.14 was released this morning. Have you tried with this version?

Lastly, are you able to reproduce this issue with a blank, third person blueprint project in any of the previous versions of the engine (ie. UE4.13)?

Android SDK Gameworks from Shared/UE/ folder…
In UE project all settings are by default.

After 4.13 works fine on Android 6 (videos recorded direct on SonyXperiaZ3).

Now i updated UE to 4.14 final release version and tried create new project again.

So the problem was fixed.