Character move Extreme Fast with ROOT motion enabled

I have a few anim with root movement.Just like walk and run.

If I don’t enable root motion,the anim always move far away from capsule and then flash back.

But with root motion enabled,capsule move with anim correctly but move too fast(at least a hundred times faster). BTW, The anim play speed is normal.

My anim works well in Root motion preview.

I don’t know where goes wrong,if you have any idea,I will be very appreciate.

Do you find the solution ? i had this problem in ue4 it works fine but ue5 the character move extra fast the source still unkouwn.

HI all, I also faced this issue and tried disabling “Use Normalized Root Motion Scale”, which is normally enabled. And it worked for me. I’m not sure if this is a common solution for this but I just wanted to put it out there if it helps someone.

Hello gentlemen, in case of this problem, I would first of all decide to check whether you simply have the normalized root movement scale function turned on. Just turn it off and I think it should change the character’s movement speed, especially in UE5

where is this setting? i’ve been looking for 2 hours just trying to find this setting.

Sure you would have found the answer now but just in case and for anyone else Buddhika above refers to the animations themselves. MM_Walk_Fwd for example.