Character Move Direction/Speed

Hello again :),

i’m using the Blueprint Third Person Player and attached the Camera to the Head Bone under the Mesh, it works fine.

But my Question/Problem is, when i’m walking and i look up or down the Player stopps walking, how can i disable that?

I think that it has something to do with the Movement Direction, but unfortunately I could not find any solution yet.


Apparently this behavior was introduced with 4.1, but I don’t know where or why.
A fix would be to discard the pitch of the control rotation using break rot followed by make rot.

Okey, but i don’t have any Pitch connected in the BP, only the Yaw is connected manytimes.

I’m running into this also but in the first person blueprint. I thought i may have been onto something by breaking the vector and discarding the Z info but this did not work. Nor did setting the Z to anything else.

That is strange, because I don’t have that problem. I can look up or down and my character keeps walking.

I get the same thing If I load up any of the content examples as well. I’ve been messing with this for hours without any luck.

I can not move forwards or backwards while looking up or down. No issues moving left or right.

Edit: Just downloadedHourences’s exmapleproject and it does the same thing. However the example shooter game done in C++ dose not.

Edit2: after much messing around and searching for an answer I found it.

I just created another third person project, and I still don’t have this problem.

I just fixed the templates for 4.2 on Friday, sorry about that. Now in FP I just use the pawn forwards/right vector instead of the control rotation. This actually simplifies things as well, should have done it like that to start with!