Character mouvement out of control


The situation is that my character move / play running animation for unknown reason.

  • It happen just after that the character had thrown the disc.
  • It happen both for the player controlled character (red) as a well as for the AI controlled character (blue). (so I rule out player/AI controllers)
  • It happen since I had a “pushed back” feature to the character. (see below)

I’m using the Add Movement Input to achieve that push back movement … ( and I feel it could be the culprit here)
The problem didn’t occur before implementing that bit, I have no idea why the character seems to run after throwing a disc. There is no input send to it whatsoever.

So, wondering if anyone had an idea of why ? Or a direction toward debugging it ?
Perhaps, any alternative to achieve a similar result ? (Character sliding backward)

Solve by using a AddActorWorldOffset instead of the AddMovementInput.