Character momvemnt freezes at some rotations

My character stops moving when any of the rotations got into a negative, how do i do it so the character will move in these directions?


Hi Mitch_,

I believe the problem you are experiencing is caused by your clamps. Set the minimum value to -1.0 instead of 0.0 and see if that addresses the error in question.

Hi , now it travels backwards in the positive axis when the input is in the negatives.

What is the end goal you are attempting to accomplish? I was able to get a smooth turn from a top down shooter style game by adding an rinterp between the actors current rotation and the clamped vector (you were correct to use 0 and 1 after some testing) multiplied by movement speed. In the case of what I did, the below screenshot shows what specific steps I took, perhaps you can use it to modify what you are working with?

I can’t perceive the purpose of your rotating.
Also I can’t find that you’re breaking the object’s rotation’s value from the original rotation vector.
It may probably different type of coding habit or my lack of understanding of your purpose.

then as I understand, I’d use the unit vector for direction from the input, then lookat the position no matter it’s negative or not.

Sorry that’s how I understood your question, and if you add some more detail of your situation, I’d answer more!
Good luck!

I am trying to make a sailing ship controller, I tried to use the twin stick controller but I could not get it to act how I wanted to. I did what you said but the character would not move anywhere. I have managed to do it now by mixing what you suggested with what I had already done.

It seems to be working well.