Character Modeling with U4 engine

Hi there, I just got U4 and I’ve been looking where I can create character models but I cant seem to fine any. Is there a way you can model stuff in U4 itself or is U4 more for environments, putting motion to objects? Do I have to use a different software to do the Modeling?



Really depends on the complexity of the model. In U4, your basic models are limited to what you can do with “shapes” and BSP brushes. I’m sure some guru
out there can make anything this way, but…whether or not you would want to spend the time and effort to do it this way is the question. If I am wrong,
please let me know. I am not a guru.

You’d be far better off learning a package like Maya or Max, and using that for your modelling. Its infinitely more flexible and sophisticated for modelling than anything UE can offer.

If you don’t want to pay for software, take a look at Blender - or even Sketchup.

Ya I have used Blender a bit in the past but I’m not a big fan of the UI. but yes at the same time I don’t have a lot of money to purchase a software like Maya or Max right now so I only have one choice. Although I’ve never used Sketchup so I might check that one out
Thanks a lot for the input guys, I was starting to think that for Modeling I would have to use an other software and then import the models into U4 but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something as I am no guru either at this point.

I guess that brings me to my next question now then. would it be better for me to cancel my Subscription to U4 and focus more on blender until I am good at blender creating models then take up U4 again?

Well, thats for you to decide. You should still be getting practice making models, and bringing them into UE - its all part of the same pipeline.

You can create games knowing nothing about 3D modeling, so everything will depend of your focus.

I’m learning Maya and UE4 together because I’m anxious and have no patience to be an expert in 3D modeling first for just then get myself into game development scenario.

Want an advice? Study them together; applies your 3D knowledge and skills unto UE4 and quickly you will feel the game development’s taste.

That is a very good point you have there chiefGui. And I guess while I do the modeling in Blender I can create environments, landscape and everything else in UE already. And I am very anxious to dive into this as well

Be careful of the Sketchup free version and making anything you ever wish to use in a game for sale. Check their license agreement.

It would be worth the time to learn Blender - I agree that the interface is daunting at first, but once you get over that hump you will find that it is an incredibly useful tool. The key is to learn the keyboard shortcuts right away as this will make the whole thing seem so much easier. Just focus on the modeling aspects for now and don’t get bogged down in learning all the animation tools and stuff till you need them.

G = Grab
R = Rotate
S = Scale

Numberpad changes your view (side, top, etc)

TAB goes into edit mode

Learn Blender, UE4 can’t be used for modeling, it only has very simple tools to use specifically for map layouts.

You can learn Maya as well. There are a student’s version full of features available - you just can’t export anything. By the bye, another alternative is to try the 30 days trial of the software.

I work on Maya and already tried Blender and seriously, nothing else comes close.

If you’re a student you can get free educational licenses of all Autodesk software (Maya, 3ds Max), they update each year and they last for at least a year, though you can’t use it for commercial work.

There’s also Modo Steam Edition, although I have no idea how well it interacts with UE4 (despite owning Modo701).

Obviously Max and Maya are going to be top recommendations as they’re well catered for, but there are plenty ways to learn 3D modeling & animation without breaking the bank.

Learn Maya or Max , it is more beneficial for you in the long run . Maya 2015 is the OMFG solution to all your 3D and animation needs ,it will rock your world…
But if you cant get them for any reason , Blender is also good , it will get you up and running and you will get familiar with tools and stuff,it has somewhat similar tools, and when you get your hands on Maya or Max you just need to adjust .

You can’t create characters in UE4, that’s done in an external 3d package.

It all depends on what you want to do. The only models you get with UE4 are things like chairs, tables, and whatever you can find in the free content. You can block levels out with BSP and make a playable game without any custom models, but if you want to make your own characters, assets, and environments, you’ll need a program like Blender or Maya, great for hard-surface and general modeling. If you like making organic things like characters, Z-Brush is another program that models as if you are working with clay, and you can just freely sculpt models to your heart’s content. Using both Maya and Z-brush, you can bake high-polygon detail (more than 1,000,000 polygons) in the normal map of low-polygon models (say, 500) to get similar results.

Simple modeling can be tricky at first but isn’t too hard to wrap your head around. Polycount level modelers, boy. I’m a student of 1, 1/2 years and I’m no where close to their level.

Anyone tried MakeHuman? At least for humanoid characters?

Creating assets yourself is a terrible waste of time for a game designer.

  • get an artist or
  • buy prefabs or
  • make a game that doesn’t require tons of art assets
    Of course if you are an artist, then disregard what I just said, but then again I don’t get why would an artist ask about BSP tools for whiteboxing in terms of character creation.

Some people just aren’t aware of the process. Most modeling programs like Maya used to be impossible to get.