Character modeler, Developer, Storywriter and Animators searched

Hello guys my name is Fabian iam 19 years old and i currently work on many little mobile games and also on a third person shooter for pc
i need help with those projects:

What i am searching: (it would be awesome to find some German people who could help me if you cant speak german that is ok :slight_smile:

  • Character modeling: I need some Characters for Mobile Games and they should look realistic
  • Developer: with BPs in Ue4 or Unity
  • Story Developer: who helps me with the Story of my Game MeltDown
  • Animator for my Characters, FPS Arms and maybe Weapons

What we want to archive:
In 2020 i want to finish around 10 Mobile Games and i want to make as much progress on my Game Melt Down as Possible. i am happy to work with you on those project to archive some thing huge :slight_smile:

Example Videos of my current work:
My Game:
UE4 Level Design Fiverr Gig:
MeltDown Beta Gameplay:
New Level in MeltDown:

We discuss the requirments and split the projects in to mutiple milestones. so we need to discuss the work and prices :slight_smile:

Discord: Fabuman2000#1960
YT Account: NeoxDev


I will be glad to assist.
Please check email.

Best Regards,
Sofia G