Character Mesh Texture Tiling

I am currently having a problem with a recent mesh I create using Blender. In Blender when I bake the textures and apply the baked texture to my asset, it looks completely fine. But when I import the texture into UE4 and use it on the same mesh, it starts tiling.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - UE4

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - Blender

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - Skin Texture

Don’t worry that the guys skin is plain white, I’m going to apply a texture later to it once i fix this problem

Thanks for any help.

The texture looks weird, show your UV

If you change the texture to something else in UE4 and change it immediately back to your texture does it fix it? I’ve been having this problem every time I load into UE4 and I just have to switch the textures real quick and switch them back and it fixes the problem. It’s a very annoying glitch but it’s worked for me.