Character mesh skeleton hand bug after importing from blender to unreal

I actually have two problems, but one of them is not a big deal right now, but I will describe it first in order to give as much information as possible about the problem. I set the armature on Blender just like in the picture, but some bones change location when importing to unreal, as you can see with the head and neck, I tried many things to fix as making another bone right below it, naming “root”. But even then, the bone right above was simply deleted and the cycle repeated.
However, with some problems, the animations still play fine, with one exception, the wrist. In Blender everything works fine while playing with the animation, but on Unreal the wrist is completely distorted during the animation. I will put prints from the export config settings on Blender and some images that show the problem on unreal, plus on Blender that is working fine. This probably is something simple, but I looked everywhere and still didn’t manage to fix it.