Character mesh doesn't block line trace

Hi everyone,
I’m using a 3d model mesh which I bought for a enemy character, and I want to be able to damage this character with line trace by channel. But even when I set the mesh to BlockAll, it doesn’t block the line trace. Does anybody know what could be the reason and how can I fix it? Thank you very much!

Have you set the block both in the BP AND in the mesh itself?

No, only in the BP. How to set the collision in the mesh?

Open the mesh in the mesh editor. Double click the mesh in the content browser.

Yes, I did that, but I can’t find collision options there. Can you tell me where exactly to search?


… and then choose default or block all etc in the details.

Yes, but these are the options for a static mesh, and I need for skeletal.

Ah - sorry, not the same for skeletal:

Out of ideas…

Thanks anyway!