Character looking similiar to a person

I have a character that looks similiar to an old actress the actress is passed away and has been for years she was a 30 and 40’s actress. can I get in trouble for a resemblance?

I highly doubt it, every case I have ever heard of where something like this is an issue is a case where the person of resemblance is suing the company because it makes them look bad. The only case in which I imagine you’d get in trouble is if the actress’ family were to recognize this character’s resemblance, and were somehow able to legally represent this actress, which is highly unlikely considering the actress is not a minor, and has been dead for quite a while.

Many famous actors from back in the day still have someone who owns their likeness rights, it probably depends on who the actress is.

Isn’t Lindsey Lohan suing Rockstar over this right now? I’d check into the outcome of that.

If that’s still going on, it has been a process that is taking years, I heard about that like 2-3 years ago.