Character look at where analog stick is aiming

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(My implementation)

I successfully implemented the analog following where the character is facing. However, as someone else commented on his response, it immediately snaps you back to the default position afterwards and he suggested a check to see when the stick is reset. I added a check for when the vector result (both axis values) is 0 (analog not in any direction) and whilst this doesn’t return to the default position, it does return it to a 90 degree position (0, 90, 180, 270) so if I was at 104 it would snap to 90 which is still not correct for what I want. I assume it’s because the release point of the analog stick would leave one axis as 0 and another at just above/below 0 for a moment so it snaps to the last position that wasn’t zero. Is there a more sophisticated check for where the analog was just facing? I tried adding a checker to whether the axis value was between -0.1 and 0.1 but this kept the same issue (the reason it wasn’t checking for full (1) is because I want to allow a sneak type functionality where the character can still turn even if the analog stick isn’t fully to the edge of any direction.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You aim with the right stick and you move with the left stick. This is called a twinstick shooter and you cant sneak your aiming. The only thing I can think of is that you add less rotational speed to your character if you push the stick out less. What sneaking are you talking about?

These are some classical twinstick movement controls.

I hope they help.

I’m having the same trouble.
I made a set rotation variable and made it update the rotation on event tick to that variable.
Worked for the problem except if facing in a range of about 10 oclcok to 2 o’clock along y axis.

I’ve Tet to come up with a solution so shamless bump here…

I also added in a check that sees if my right sick is 0,0. If it is my facing changes to whatever the character movement is.
Strangely even though it feeds into the same variable and that sets the tick it completely removed this function. Now I just face down on the y axis on release of all controls no matter what

Here I Found This Helps With Proper Top-Down Game-Play And Aim: