Character LOD?

I have a character created in 3D Max. Rigged with skeletons. Imports fine into Unreal Engine. How do I create LOD versions of this character as it appears anytime I reduce the poly count above my character’s “Skin” modifier, it does not import into Unreal. I receive a “Failed to Import” when adding LOD 1. Any suggestions?


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It is now loading both LODs, but the only problem I am having is that it is constantly loading LOD1. I am using a Skeleton Mesh that has both LOD0 and LOD1, but LOD1 always stays visible. I have set the “Screen Size” for LOD0 = 1.0 and LOD1 = 0.4, it NEVER changes to LOD0 no matter how close my camera gets to the character. This occurs in the editor as well as the Persona.

Any suggestions?

So I’ve tested this with a non-skeleton mesh and the LOD system works great. But it refuses to work on a Skeleton Mesh. Has this happened to anyone else?

I figured it out. Under Settings > Engine Scalibility > View Distance needs to bet set to Far or Epic. Does not work when set to Medium. Hope this helps others who may have the same issue!

I am also having this issue with the LOD distances always loading LOD 1, but I am not sure what settings you are referring to for how to fix it. Could you please be more specific? Where exactly can I find this setting?

I also noticed that as you get closer to the skeletal mesh in persona, the read-out for the screen size goes way above 1. Why is that?

At the top of your Unreal Engine application there are big icons. Listed as Save, Source Control, Content, Marketplace, Settings. Click on the dropdown for Settings >> Engine Scalibility >> View Distance. Make sure this is set to Epic.

I have no idea why screen size goes way above 1.

Thank you! I’m not sure how that setting got set to the lowest quality, but everything looks fantastic now and LODs are displaying correctly.

Theres is a video of the process of creating LOD meshes for character, the meshes are created in 3ds max. you can follow the tutorial: