Character location snap to HMD location

Howdy folks,

I’m relatively new to unreal engine and am not really sure what to look up in relation to my question. In essence, I don’t know the right terms to google haha.

I’m developing an archviz application for the quest 2 via SteamVR where I’d like the user to be able to physically walk around a space without controllers. Curious if this is even possible. Snapping a character to the HMD tracking or something along thos lines.


Hey there @SnowTurkey! Welcome to the community! So you can actually make experiences that are roomscale for the Quest 2. However much of the locomotion is usually done with controllers as having the space to walk around a large space or say up and down with just your head motion is incredibly impractical. However, if you’ve got the space you can absolutely just allow them to walk around directly in scene if you’d like. There’s no need for any special setup unless you’re thinking to use the HMD’s location, maybe pop a collision on it and use that collision to inform a “move upstairs/next room” system, that’d also be viable.

There’s not too many resources on this specifically because roomscale VR is relatively niche.