Character Loadout Selection Function

I’m attempting to create a WW2 shooter similar to Red Orchestra in which a player chooses a class (tanker,rifleman,assault etc) before they hop into the game. The class types define what their loadout will be (Thompson as “1”, Colt as “2”, med pack as “3”) and so on. I dont want to give them the ability to tailor their class - only to choose a set loadout according their function in game.
I then want to have two sets of loadouts (german and american) for that one function (“rifleman”) - obviously limiting germans to german weapons and the allies to allied weapons.

I’ve been finding the concept of switching through an inventory relatively easy, but i didnt plan for this issue.

My question is, how would I go about doing this? I imagine I will have to use integers to denote different “teams” (Wehrmacht and Allies).


I think you would just set up default inventory in your character class. Make them accessible via blueprint. Create a blueprint for each faction and class and change their inventory there.