Character Live Preview Problem

I’m having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I have a pause menu similar to Diablo 3, where you can live preview your character when the game is paused. I also have some buttons on the side with on-click events to exit the game, or resume play. I have almost everything working, but for some reason, the live preview isn’t updating; the character doesn’t turn when they are mouse-clicked (at least not visually). Then, when I close and re-open the inventory, the character has turned, it just doesn’t show until the inventory is re-opened.
Can anyone suggest why this doesn’t work properly?
If anyone needs pictures of blueprints, I can provide them - it’s just a rather specific problem with lots of blueprints involved. I didn’t know if there was an obvious problem someone with more experience might detect.

That sounds like a nice touch if the character recorder will update itself in real time. You might need to use an interface to get the character recorder to update the camera in real time
while the game is in the pause mode when the mouse controls are used…

Thank you, yeah it seems like it’s all working except the updating. So you think it’s possible the camera is the problem?
I can get it to work fine if you just close the pause menu with a button press rather than clicking a resume button, but I kinda wanted both… maybe I’m being a bit optimistic with that one!

Well, I’ve sort of found the problem. In the pause menu, I’ve used the set game to paused function. However, the live render doesn’t work when the game is paused. Anyone know how to fix that?

I’ve solved it. For anyone struggling with the same problem, don’t use the pause game function. Instead, set the global time dilation to 0 for when you want to pause. When you want to unpause, set it to 1. With global time dilation at 0, the game world appears paused, but objects in menus behave the same as usual.