Character - Lilith

Hey everyone,
I’ve been working on a character suited for Unreal engine, I used 4.11 previews for it even though I couldn’t figure out how to calculate the refraction for cornea. Hair shader seems to be more inline to flow map method, though some angles have weird lighting problems so not truly sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve been working on this character for quite a while now and I intend her to be part of a bigger project so it’s one of those long term projects for me. I doubt the character will get out of the WIP section any time soon, as I have too many plans to count.

Textures for this specific clothes set are almost done, just tweaking and getting good values.
Rigging needs some adjustments with the head and some easier to pick controllers for weapon and scabbard. The skin weight needs to be adjusted also for the face and some other areas because clipping.
Sword and scabbard aren’t fully textured yet, so I excluded their current textures.

If anyone have any advice or tips i’d gladly appreciate them.

something off topic. Did a quick test with vertex painting and some grunge texture in the material editor. Want to get an element effect on the sword for few shots, so will be working on particles next with this.

How exactly did you get the orange glow to follow a specific pattern around the blade?

the textures look amazing