Character launch-dash BluePrint

I would like to create a directional dash to the direction that the camera is facing for a set distance(maybe i can change that to charged with min-max values?who knows).im as new as it gets to using ue4 so i would appreciate any kind of help :slight_smile:

A basic solution would be something like this in your Character blueprint.

Get the world rotation of your camera → Get Forward vector. This essentially gives you a “Direction” the camera is facing in. Multiplying that vector by a value will “grow” (scale) the vector, so this is the distance you want the dash to cover. Then you can use the Launch Character node.

If you want to ‘charge’ it just increase the float amount given to grow the forward vector, for example ‘On Pressed’ could set a boolean to true, and ‘On Released’ could set the boolean to false, in your Tick Event check if the boolean is true, and if it is then it could go something like (ChargeAmount * DeltaSeconds * ChargeRate). Just be sure to reset it when they release after launching them. If you want a min/max then you can use a Clamp node on that float.

Here is an image example for the basic setup (without the charge).

Thanks ill try it and return asap to tell you if it worked.thanks for the answer either

I dont know how to create the ‘dash distance’’ float.without that part its just smaller jump btw.can you please help?sorry for bothering you for such simple stuff

ok i got i just had to make my own float(first time i do that’pat-pat’).thanks,it works only like a charm.only thing left to figure out is how to still go the distance if im slightly facing the ground ,which currently leads to a smaller-distance-dash

Right click the ‘return value’ on GetWorldRotation and the ‘In Rot’ on Get forward vector and click ‘Split Struct Pin’ on both, try it with only the Yaw connected to the other’s Yaw, removing the pitch should solve that, however you probably don’t need the roll either. Give it a go.

I got everything up and running.also added ignore gravity and friction during the dash so i can travel a set distance no matter where i am facing.also used stop-move and set movement to fix the end dash were really helpfull :wink:
please check another question i got about a grappling hook cause its driving me crazy.hf

Glad you got it working! Don’t forget to accept the answer if you’re satisfied with the solution.